Anal and vaginal hygiene

Anal and vaginal hygiene

You probably take a shower, or two, a day. And scrub yourself well, use shampoo and sweet smelling soaps, and add a touch a fragrance when you are dressing. Ordinarily, you would be the cleanest person on earth. Except for the little details that you forgot when you were cleaning. Normally, people clean every inch of the bodies, but the vaginal and anal areas are no-go zones. This may be because of the social perception as these are considered restricted zones or for medical reasons. It goes without saying that the anal and vaginal areas are highly sensitive and thus require a specific care when you are cleaning them to avoid complications.

The following easy steps will ensure that your anal and vaginal hygiene is top notch all the time, and you will always smell fresh; everywhere.


jfjd7dhj44Nothing makes your vaginal and anal regions smile like being given a chance to breathe. Always maintain short pubic hairs; as the more hair you have down there, the more chances you have that your wastes will not be thoroughly wiped away. This increases the chances that anal and vaginal regions will not have that fresh smell all through the day.

You can also bleach your anus so you can get rid of the dark pigmentation. Go to analbleachadvice.com and find out how to do it safely at home.


The vagina is a highly sensitive area and is often irritated when cleaned. This is due to the fact that when people are cleaning their vaginal regions they use the same soap they use to wash their bodies. These are scented soaps with chemicals that are irritating. Use a bald soap to clean your anal and vaginal regions. And don’t overdo it; over cleaning can cause irritation. Better yet; use only warm water and a clean cloth.

Just like the anus, you can also lighten the skin around your vagina. Check out www.analbleachadvice.com/vaginal-bleaching-creams for the best product that you can use.

Be Observant

Before you go to see any doctor, first evaluate yourself. Do you feel any pain during discharge or intercourse, change in odor, discharge, itching or the appearance of your anal and vaginal regions? If you feel that your body is off, then you should take the necessary steps toward rectifying the state of your anus and/or vagina.

Talk to the experts

hdhjdd67h4If you realize that there is a problem with your anal or vaginal regions; then don’t hesitate to consult your doctor. This will help to curb any issue before it becomes too complicated or untreatable. It is also advisable to visit your gynecologist at least once a year for a healthy check-up to ensure that your vaginal health is at its peak.

Your anal and vaginal regions are the most important parts of your body; sexually speaking. Taking good care of them will result to better general hygiene, better health, and better sex life.…