Drug Abuse

Drug Abuse In Schools

Drug abuse is an epidemic growing silently in schools today. This issue if left unchecked, will hasten the societal, moral and intellectual decline of our present culture. Most students have been reportedly using drugs such as marijuana at a growing rate. The students are even selling the drugs in schools to strangers and their friends. The number of students using drugs seems to be rising as time goes by. Here are some factors which increase the number of students participating in drug consumption.

Culture of use

The culture of acceptance is causing the rise in the student’s number in consuming illegalsdlkcnlkcncsn drugs. It is impossible to keep students from indulging in peer pressure from their friends who are taking drugs, but also media and movies seem to agree.In many movies, it’s shown as socially acceptable to use ‘pot’ which is cool and normal. Statistics from the movies show that a minor number of students taking marijuana belong to a cool group.But if we want to fight drug abuse in teens and kids, we have to change the culture which portrays using drugs as cool. We may also see a decline in the use of drugs if music and TV, will stop portraying drug use as a beneficial and desirable to one’s social position.

Effective Drug Education

cmncmcnjmcAccording to the statistics available, it shows that we are failing in providing the adequate information for drug education. We can prevent the students from taking drugs by making them believe and understand that drug use is not in their best interest. Students should know plenty smoking of marijuana causes lung damage and respiratory problems; an example is lung cancer as per existing medical literature.

False information provided by their friends on marijuana that portrays it as a cool thing outweighs the solid medical facts. But sadly enough they tend to believe more in what their friends tell them than their parents,this implies that educators and adults should put more efforts in educating the youths.Drug control and real monitoring of students are needed to control and prevent drug use in schools as much as it is done on the campuses. As today’s sprawling number of campuses with a thousand students and high schools are huge, it is understood to be difficult in watching each and every student.Schools thus have to spend more on security and staff to keep a watch on the hallways and the ground as more as it spends in educators of drug use in schools.