How To Prevent Eczema In Infants

“Baby soft skin” is a saying we have all heard. A newborn’s skin is delicate and soft and requires special skin protection to keep it healthy and smooth. One of the most common skin complaints that affect 15-20 percent of children is eczema and can be a cause of concern for many parents. It first appears when your child is under two years old.
Eczema is an inflammatory condition characterized by the formation of dry scaly flakes on the affected part. The eczema skin is dry, which usually leads to itchiness. The constant itching can make your infant cranky and irritable. There is no real cure for eczema, but there are ways to prevent the occurrence in the first place. Here are some of the natural measures on how to prevent eczema in infants. How to prevent eczema in infants:

Avoid exposure to chemicals.

An infant’s skin is extremely delicate and sensitive. Most of the commercial products contain cjmncdjnvjharsh chemicals that can be harmful to your baby’s skin. Use only baby-friendly products designed specifically for little ones. These products should be mild and free from allergens and fragrances. Also, make sure you use baby washing detergents that are free from any chemicals and dyes. Do not overuse baby products. Use only cotton clothes for your infant. Besides, wash all the new clothes before your little one wears them.

Go organics

If possible, opt for natural and organic products that are free from all kinds of synthetic ingredients. These products are delicate and harmless for your little one; this includes organic baby wash stuff, clothing, and food.


Breastfeed for first six months- Some studies have confirmed the beneficial effects of breastfeeding in preventing eczema outbreaks. Breastfeeding exclusively for six months may offer protection against this annoying skin condition.


dekjhckckAccording to some research, taking probiotics during pregnancy may reduce the possibility of your kid developing eczema. It is established that infants who are on probiotics have a reduced risk of eczema by 20 percent. The reason being that Probiotics contain healthy bacteria that enhance our immunity against allergens and infections.


Keep your baby skin clean- Make sure you follow a skin care regime for your kid. It includes regular bathing and using of mild moisturizer to keep your loved one’s skin soft and moist.
It’s no fun for baby or mother when your little one has eczema. Follow the tips mentioned above on how to prevent eczema in infants to prevent this annoying, itchy skin condition in your loved ones.…