Child Obesity Awareness

Obesity is not a new disorder found in children as well as adults. But yes, the percentage of obese children has increased to a great extent in the past few years. There are several causes of child obesity. However, if a little attention is paid to diet and lifestyle of kids, the disorder of obesity could be immensely minimized.

Childhood obesity facts

Children can be obese due to genetic reasons. If both or one of the parents of the child issjncncncncnmc
obese, there are great chances of him been obese. That is, if the family history faces obesity disorder, there is a lot of scope of the child being obese.
Children can be obese due to environmental reasons too. The environment covers regular or massive intake of fast foods, sugary foods and drinks, etc. Lack of exercise and lethargic attitude towards lifestyle are big causes of obesity. It is recommended to exercise or walk to stay physically fit and in the right physique.

Effects of childhood obesity

After going through above given child obesity facts, you need to know the results of being overweight so that you could be even more careful towards child obesity. They include; High blood pressure and cholesterol, depression and inferiority complex, reduced life expectancy and also Asthma and sleeplessness

Steps on how to prevent childhood obesity

Obesity problems come in fast but take a long time to recede. Same applies with being overweight. Causes of child obesity are quick, but cures take time. Hence it is better to stay away from the syndrome. If ignored, the problem of being overweight and obese welcomes a lot many other disorders. Hence, the following broad steps must be adhered to so as to put a stop at weight increase and get it down to reasonable limits:

Variety of foodsskncdkfcdkj

Children should be offered a variety of foods since first age itself, and this doesn’t mean to put a stop on fast foods. You can provide that too occasionally. However, much attention should be given to vitamin and nutrient rich foods.

Small frequent meals

They should be given small yet frequent meals so that they could digest the fatty foods quickly. They should be put on a habit of regular exercise so that no extra fats can be accumulated in the body. They should also be given a limited time to play indoor games than sit on the computer or watch television.
Your participation as a parent in all above activities will prompt children to follow them gracefully. In all, it is good for the whole family to stay fit and away from being overweight.…